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Happy February everyone!! We are kicking off this month with some fabulous tips from the oh-so talented Cali Stott Artistry. Check out what advice Cali has to offer all you brides for your wedding beauty! 

Something most brides forget about on their wedding check list are the things they need to do to help
have fabulous skin on their big day! It is a process that takes planning and doesn’t just happen
overnight. Here are a few tips to help in your healthy glowing “Im in love” wedding day skin!

….8-12 Months before your wedding make an appointment with the dermatologist or esthetician to
discuss skin concerns, treatments and products. Don’t forget other problem areas like back & chest, that might be on display on your big day. Make sure you are cleansing and moisturizing daily and start developing some good healthy habits!

…5-7 months before your wedding make sure you are continuing your healthy habits especially drinking lots of water, 8-10 glasses of water a day. Lavish skin for at least 28 days before your wedding day! This is the average amount of time for skin to renew itself

…2-4 months before the big day book Facials for every 4-6 weeks. Especially if your trying to correct problems, its best to start early. Experiment with self tanners-consider neck line of gown and tan lines needing to be covered up.

…1 month before the walk down the isle continue to be consistent with your facial treatments.

…2 weeks before the big day keep your skin glowing by exfoliating and moisturizing with product that you know will not break you out. Don’t forget your neck, décolleté, hands and arms-especially those elbows.

…1 week before the big I Do have your final facial without extractions to avoid reaction. Keep drinking lots of water- keep yourself balanced from all the celebrating with lots of water. Your body will thank you by looking fresh. Exfoliate and use facial mask that you’ve already been using.

…2 days before the special day get the final coat of your spray tan.

…Night before gently exfoliate and use a calming mask *don’t forget your lips when exfoliating.

…On the BIG Day wash your face as usual then just relax and Enjoy: Remember what today is about!

About me:
Im a Southern California girl and momma of three. Our family moved to Charlotte four years ago for my husband’s job and after settling in I started Cali Stott Artistry. I have been in the beauty industry for over eight years and have been so blessed work with a variety of artists giving me extensive experience with brides, models, pageants, commercials, runway as well as in print and film. years of experience have allowed for opportunities to work with some of the most talented photographers, models and artists in the industry.

I love sweet smooches from my sweet heart, vacuuming, summer rainstorms, my toes in the sand and
sweet giggles from my kids!


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