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Trendy in Texas

Happy Trendy Tuesday! Today we are taking a look at one very special wedding that was so trendy, yet so unique that we can't stop reminiscing about it.

At the end of September I flew to Austin, Texas to celebrate my dear cousin's special day. Our family is extremely close and are more like best friends. We typically come see them once a year and they come to Charlotte to see us once a year and we group chat in anticipation all year long.

It was so much fun to experience a wedding in another state and a realize they have some completely different trends and looks than the Carolinas and some similar. It was a gorgeous wedding and I am excited to share it!


Morgan + Billy's venue, Prospect House, was very neat and modern. A white, blank canvas with endless decor opportunities. It had some very unique features to it that added personality.

A white wall with single tubes to design a floral wall or in Morgan's case, a drop-dead gorgeous greenery…

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