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My Small Intimate COVID Wedding

Photography by Taylor Ann Photography
Today I am here to share my COVID wedding experience as part of our Tuesday Tips series. Much like everyone else in the world right now, COVID-19 drastically affected us. In our case, it was with our wedding day [and we feel fortunate that it was only that]. Although it seems somewhat trivial in the grand scheme of everything going on, it still was hard, disappointing and sometimes lonely during the planning process. Not getting the "full experience" as a bride can be heartbreaking, especially after assisting and watching hundreds of clients experience it. No honeymoon, no bachelorette party, no guarantee you can even have your wedding, no rehearsal dinner, fewer bridesmaids due to travel restriction, lesser guest count, closed venue that forces you to completely re-plan and re-design your big day, the fear of it all, etc. With that being said, our day was absolutely perfect and I wanted to share those details and how we designed our big…

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