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A Killer Vendor Crew Makes Your Wedding Dreams Come True!

Photo by Kristen Privette Photography
I was driving home from my third meeting of the day yesterday and a bizarre thought came into my head.... "I wonder how my wedding will be when I get married?"

This may come as a shock but I do NOT have my wedding planned out! In fact, I actually make a point not to plan it or even think about it until the day comes that I am engaged. The reason being, so many trends come and go, new designs arise, new vendors come into my life and let's face it, we are constantly changing as individuals. The wedding I would have planned at 21 would have been wildly different than at 23, 28, or even in the future at 32, 40, etc.

But, I BRIEFLY allowed my mind to wander, thinking about all the logistics and amazing vendors that I know and love. I immediately cut my wandering mind off and thought to myself, "man, I am blessed to know and work with so many amazing individuals who I know could run with my ideas and they would collectively knock it o…

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