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And Then There Were Three! (Mint to Be)

Photography by Yah Photography
Good morning and happy sunny Thursday! :)

Today I am extra excited because I get to share our fun headshots AND officially introduce our newest mint girl, Lydia!

Now, if you know me, you know that I can never just do anything "normal" or "half-ass." I always go big/fun. Period. So, when it was time for us to do new headshots, my creative juices started brewing!

About two years ago, we were working a wedding with Nectar Floral Design. When Karisa, the owner, rolled up (in their awesome floral she-truck!) she shouted out, "Hey! It's the Mint Girls!" - I immediately loved that and began calling us it too in an effort for it to catch on (and it did!).

Along with us officially becoming known as the "mint girls," my inspiration for this fun shoot actually just randomly popped in my head when I was thinking about the movie Grease! I thought, "It would be so much fun to do the "Pink Ladies" jackets but i…

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