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Happy Monday Morning! Today, we continue our newest blog series - ADVICE FROM THE PROS - and learn a little about videography from the very talented Hallie with Recollective Films. Check out her advice below....

So you’ve made the decision to book a videographer for your wedding day. YAY! Now you’re searching through the sea of wedding film companies on instagram, asking advice from friends who have gotten married, and even asking for recommendations on Facebook. You’re comparing different companies’ work, filling out inquiry forms, and you’re unsure on how to decide who to book. Wedding films have come a long way in just a few short years so it’s valid to feel a little overwhelmed. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent countless hours on Youtube, crying at strangers on your screen because their vows moved you or the groom collapsed in tears during the first look. You fall in love with a 5 minute video because it has moving speeches, tearful hugs, written vows, and epic dance parties. I know tackling who to book can be overwhelming so I want to share just a few quick tips on important things to remember when booking a videographer and then how to get the most out of it on your wedding day: 

  • Do not book on price alone
I know that can be a daunting statement — but seriously! Every vendor on your wedding day plays a part in the joy you will feel and the ease you will experience. Did you know that you will spend the most time with your photographer and videographer on your wedding day?! They will be with you from start to finish so it’s important to pick someone you not only love their work, but you enjoy them as a person. Your videographer wants to be your friend - it only makes what they create for you better.

  • Be YOU
You are not an actor on a screen. Your only job is to plan a day that reflects who you are and what you love doing the most. We want to film natural reactions and tell a story that only you can tell.  So if that means doing a handshake with your hubby because you made it up on your first date, then do it. You will love your wedding film the most if you act like yourself and do things that make you, you. 

  • Think long and hard about what you value most about your wedding day and then MAKE IT HAPPEN
How do you want to remember it? What will bring you the most joy? If that’s setting aside some extra time with your new hubby to run through a field or eat an ice cream cone in seclusion, do it. If that's taking a trip to get married on your favorite mountain, then do it. Forget about the antics of doing what you are told you “have” to do to maintain tradition. This will only enhance your wedding film and your joy on your wedding day! 

  • You are paying for a family heirloom
Your wedding film is going to be a part of your wedding day that you will get to keep forever. It can’t be eaten and thrown away, drank and consumed, wilt away and die, or hold mud stains that you can’t seem to get out. It will forever freeze in time who you are, how hard you loved, and what meant the most to you when you vowed your life to another person. In 20 years, you will pull it out and show your children and they will have a better understanding of who their parents were, in what seems like another lifetime ago. It will truly help you relive that day over and over again. 

Hey guys! I’m Hallie and I am the owner of Recollective Films based in Greenville, SC. I started out as most filmmakers do - making funny videos with my friends dancing to Hannah Montana and hosting fake talk shows in my parents bonus room. I soon learned that I loved the editing process and how music can make you feel a certain way. After filming my first wedding and getting a front row seat to the raw emotions of vowing your life to another and then getting to break it down on the dance floor with a camera in hand, I knew I wanted to do it again. To me, filming weddings is so much more than a job. I want to be your friend, know your story, and create something that you will hold close for years to come. // I want to give a special thanks to Mint To Be Weddings for including me in this blog and pouring into my business! They are the real deal and a blast to work with! 
You can check out my work at: // @recollectivefilms 


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