A Killer Vendor Crew Makes Your Wedding Dreams Come True!

I was driving home from my third meeting of the day yesterday and a bizarre thought came into my head.... "I wonder how my wedding will be when I get married?"

This may come as a shock but I do NOT have my wedding planned out! In fact, I actually make a point not to plan it or even think about it until the day comes that I am engaged. The reason being, so many trends come and go, new designs arise, new vendors come into my life and let's face it, we are constantly changing as individuals. The wedding I would have planned at 21 would have been wildly different than at 23, 28, or even in the future at 32, 40, etc.

But, I BRIEFLY allowed my mind to wander, thinking about all the logistics and amazing vendors that I know and love. I immediately cut my wandering mind off and thought to myself, "man, I am blessed to know and work with so many amazing individuals who I know could run with my ideas and they would collectively knock it out of the park." #KillerDreamTeam

My blog today is about how I encourage brides to trust their vendors! I'm not saying to book them and then let them run wild, with no sort of direction! I'm saying that booking your vendors is important, feeling comfortable with your vendors is important and trusting your vendors is important!

Step 1 To A Killer Vendor Team: Booking Your Vendors

-Focus on one vendor type at a time. 
Let's say you just got engaged and found your perfect wedding venue and have your date! You decide that the first three vendors you plan to focus on are catering, photography and entertainment. Start with one; how about photography.

-Ask for recommendations.
Think back to weddings you've attended and reach out to friends who have recently been married to see who they recommend. Another HUGE resource would be vendors that you DO already have booked, like your venue! Ask them for a "preferred" or "recommended" vendor list. Then you will know that they are professional, good at what they do and familiar with your venue [bonus!]. The Knot or event a local platform, like Bustld, are WONDERFUL resources for recommendations and reviews too. Check out local vendors there as well. If you keep seeing a couple re-occuring names, it's a sign! ;)

-Do your research.
Once you have a few names to check out, do some research.

Check out their website and read their bio; do y'all have things in common?

Look for reviews; have they had happy previous customers and what is the common feedback?

Visit their Instagram and Facebook [if they have one]; do you love their look/style and does it match up with yours?

Request a quote; do they fit in your budget?

Don't be afraid to take your time with vendor selections. I'm not saying to meet with a vendor and sit on the decision for weeks BUT also don't rush the process! Doing research before hand will really help.

-Set up a meeting.
Whether it be in-person, Skype, Face Time or a phone call, always set up a meeting and set up meetings with multiple vendors. I was a communications major and like to consider myself a "people person" so I always recommend an in-person meeting, if possible! Getting to know individuals, client and vendors is one of my favorite things about the industry! I recommend meeting with at least two vendors of each type so that you are confident and there are no "what if's."

This brings us to our Step 2...

Step 2 To A Killer Vendor Team: Feel Comfortable With Your Vendors

It is SO VERY important to feel comfortable with your vendors. A wedding is such an intimate thing and we/they are with you and are your support throughout the entire planning process and on your wedding day! Wedding days are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting so you want to be surrounded by professional individuals that bring you a sense of calmness, make you laugh and you know have your back! This is why I believe initial in-person meetings before booking are so vital.

I have had clients "love" a vendor that they saw on social media but when they met with them in-person, that spark just wasn't there and they were unsure. When that happens, I typically suggest that they research and meet with 2 other individuals [of the same vendor type] that they "like" and then they will know!

I have also had clients meet with one vendor that they "loved" and ask my opinion about canceling their other meeting because they are 99% sure they want to go with them. I ALWAYS recommend that they still meet with the other vendor. Half of the time they still end up picking their initial individual but honestly, the other half, they are blown away by the second individual and are thankful that they did meet and book them. It honestly happens more than you'd think! [Because there are so many fabulous wedding vendors in the area!] ;)

Every client is different, every wedding is different and every vendor is different. I always keep that in mind when recommended vendors to people. When you decide to move forward with a vendor, it should be the same internal thought of, "I'm freaking-out, but need to play it cool because people are watching, but omg this is it!" feeling that you get with your dream venue and dream wedding dress [or tux for the guys]! EVERY  VENDOR booked should be your "dream vendor" to ultimately create your wedding Dream Team, not just one!

Step 3 To A Killer Vendor Team: Trust Your Vendors And The Process

So now that you have your vendor killer Dream Team lined up, what now? Now, let the planning process take its course and trust them! You've done all the back work; you've focused on one at a time, you've asked for recommendations, you've done your research, you've met them in-person, you "love" and feel comfortable with them... so why shouldn't you trust them?!

This is their passion and they have your best interest in-mind. Show them your inspiration photos, tell them your loves, likes and hates. And don't be afraid to ask them for suggestions! Majority of the time, you [as the client] have never planned a wedding before. Or if you have, it was 15 years ago when things were "wildly different." Trust your vendors to make recommendations and make your dream wedding a reality. If you don't have a "dream wedding," trust them anyways to form one through the process! :)

If you are currently engaged and in the process of booking your #KillerDreamTeam, shoot us a note at Caroline@minttobeweddings.com, we can help! :)



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